What are your fitness goals?
I have the ab region to work on. But I'm not exactly crunch queen. I'm using pilates class to trim that down.

2008 Five month results-Are you still on track?
I've had a lot of highs and lows since January, but I've finally gotten to a decent healthy weight. I slacked off at the gym because of reasons not related to my desire to get fit. I'm back in the gym now because it's not over once the desired weight is achieved. Now, I'm in the maintenance and toning phase. How's everyone else?

Great site! Very free online fitness and nutrition tracker that includes a customizable meal plan. Totally complimentary! Community message boards. You make your own page. Think Myspace for Fitness junkies and wannabes. It's helped the intensity of my motivation not to mention that you can set other non-fitness goals. I lost 2 more pounds for a total of about 8 pounds since I joined the gym.

Commitment phobe.
Yoga class kicked butt today! I forgot how enjoyable an hour of stretching! I had to push myself, but I took the same attitude of commitment that I use to push me through any workout. If I punch in 30 mins on the start of the treadmill machine, I do all 30 minutes whether I like it or not. I pushed through 60 minutes of yoga in the same fashion. I feel like that's an easy way to hold myself accountable and to not give in when your body starts sissy whining. It works for me. I lost 6 pounds since December 20th.

My birthday today!
So, I've discovered success in a Slimfast can. The Optima line staves off hunger for up to four hours. I had a shake every day for breakfast and with a salad for lunch. I had a decent dinner. I've noticed that this coupled with the cardio and strength routine have brought on definite results. My abs are tighter. I feel longer. My energy is amazing. My body is truly a temple. I honor it daily.

Happy New Year
The display on the Treadclimber teases me. With each calorie spent, it begs the question of how much I have in me today. I'm ample at the top, so I prefer machines that don't bounce me around too much. Otherwise, I feel that they would have to pay me to join the gym instead of vice versa. Well, the idea that this machine burns two times more calories than a regular treadmill during the same time granted a little more work, but why go to the gym if not to work it out.
I only did 20 minutes of cardio today, though. So that equated to only 150 cals burned. I'm still on a calorie defecit right now, so I feel good. I want to drop a few more pounds so that I can get off more body fat. My problem areas are visibly my upper body and waist. I need to work on my v and my tighten up the abs. I meet with a personal trainer Tuesday. Go! Fight! Win!

This is more for me than it is for you. I've finally gotten back on track after the two babies back to back. I've finally implemented health lifestyle changes. And I've finally gotten back to the place I was pre-the extra weight. It took 19 months, but I'm here! And I got here by being a gym whore. Working it out day or night squeezing my already jam packed days with some cardio and strength. I work out every day. EVERY day. In fact, I'm on my way to 24 hour fitness right now.
Ok, so this is a place you can love and brag about how great you look without anyone hating. Cause hell I look good, too. It took hard work to get here. It's going to take a lifetime of work to maintain, but I enjoy it.
I wasn't always so dedicated, so those who need help welcome. It's not all about vanity. It's about support mainly. I'm so competitive that your success will spark my success. Your motivation will move me also. So, join in. Membership is open those who are and those who aspire to be. Those who are obsessed with working out frustration, stress, life, and weight at the gym. The gym whores. Competition and non-competition. I don't compete professionally yet, but maybe one day. I'm here to get the best out of my body.


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